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  1. Lower Don River West Remedial Flood Protection Project

  2. Don Mouth Naturalization & Port Lands Flood Protection Pro

  3. Gibraltar Point Erosion Control Project

  4. Mud Creek Restoration - Reach 1

  5. Mud Creek Restoration - Reach 5

  6. Ashbridges Bay Erosion and Sediment Control Project

  7. Wilket Creek Rehabilitation Project

  8. East Don Trail Environmental Assessment

  9. East Don River - South of Finch Bank Restoration Project

  10. Highland Creek at Portico Drive Erosion Control Maintenance

  11. Highland Creek Morningside Ave Bridge Erosion Control

  12. Royal Rouge Trail Erosion Control Project

  13. Frenchman’s Bay Harbour Entrance Reconstruction Project

  14. Humber River Near 60 Ann Street Bank Stabilization Project

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